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Stay tuned via email list for these recordings, coming in 2020:

  • Debut EP & videos from The Moon My Twin
  • Debut recordings from YAME (music for yoga ambiance meditation & exploration)
  • Debut EP from B&E

2019’s Let Out Your Ghosts (debut full-band album)

2018’s Miniatures

  • Solo acoustic songs, later to be found on 2019’s Let Out Your Ghosts
  • Only available through bandcamp

2015’s Longest Dream (solo piano songs)

2013’s Spring EP (only available through bandcamp), features Michael Hickman

2012’s Summer EP (only available through bandcamp)

2011’s Fall EP (only available through bandcamp), features Chris Kleiner

2009’s Between Liberties LP (acoustic trio)

2009’s Kirik Hava EP (Turkish Folk Ensemble)

  • Collaboration with Nick Ragheb (Dr. Nicholas Ragheb), Luke Williams (Omega Love), Ben Mericili (Oust) and Phil Coatsworth (Phil & The Destroyers)
  • (only available through bandcamp)

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