“She finished the night – two and a half hours of singing and playing – to a standing ovation and calls for an encore. And yeah, she gave ‘em an encore… Shut up and face forward: Erika May is something special.” – Raymond Brady, Paradise Cafe

“Erika May is one of the most multi-talented artists you will ever come across.” –  Joy Ike, Grassrootsy.com

“E.May was truly something fierce and powerful. Her powerful Alanis Morrissette-like vocals filled the room with no leftover space for drunk bar shenanigans.” – Alex Zivkovic, Stanford Arts Review

“In 27 years of reporting for various publications, I’ve rarely seen a performer develop so quickly and with such natural ease. E.May’s songs pull listeners into the story, her performance skills and stage presence demand attention, and backstage she’s smart and easy to work with. Keep an eye on E.May: she’s going somewhere” – John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“E.May is a commanding presence, onstage and off.” –Alex Bard, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater

“I am blown away by E.May’s voice and steady heart power connection. She has the voice to sing anything.” – Bret Mosley, Songwriter

“E.May seems determined to apply her creativity to every available surface.” – Aaron Jentzen, Pittsburgh City Paper

“E. May revels in the unexpected, living and creating with a sense of both whimsy and dedication that fuels the charming contradictions of her life. [Her songs are] driven by the gentle pluck of acoustic guitar and arresting voice, which is deep and passionate. The message is prayer-like in its rhythmic and lyrical repetition, a message calling us to appreciate the cyclical nature of life itself.” – Elmore Magazine