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Chassis Ground. Between Liberties. Inoor. Kirik Hava. The Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble. The Sectionals. Steel Town Fire. EMay & The Soundmen. The Moon My Twin. YAME.


I have written, performed and recorded under many different names over the years, but music has always been at the centerpiece of my multi-faceted creative life.

I am indebted to how incredibly supportive my fans have always been. When I wasn’t sure if I should start performing solo, my friends and fans backed my first solo recording. When I was on the way to Los Angeles to record my first full album, people stepped in with $5 to $500 (and a few lovely souls, even more) just to see me achieve this life-long dream. You buy CDs, even if you don’t have a CD player. You buy records, now that you have a record player again. You tell me stories about how my music moves you, how it changed you, how it helped you through a hard time, about how it puts your kids to sleep, about how your whole family sings along.

This page is for you, my dearest patrons. I am here to bring you, directly, behind the scenes insights to the newest projects I am working on — not when they are done, but along the whole road. I share here, a space without algorithms blocking us from seeing one another, where you can choose to support my work directly and get “backstage access” (and more) in return.

You can “follow” this page without paying, but the paywall helps put a bit of a threshold that will give me some extra comfort in sharing fledgling works-in-progress, non-musical creations, and other creative explorations that I may not be ready for the world to see.

I have dozens of projects brewing, little things and huge things, and I am always doing something creative, even if there isn’t an end-goal in mind. I am also ALL EARS to YOU, who have supported me so kindly.

If you choose to join me here, you’ll have insider access to the creative life I live, as well as sneak-peaks of works in progress, and a chance to help me shape my creative offerings. You’ll be a part of my innermost inner circle, and will always have my ear and my gratitude. Send ideas my way, tell me anything — we’re here for each other.

Thank you, always, for your ears and eyes and hearts, which you loan to me during our time together. May those moments help lift you through many other parts of your lives — I know they do for me.

See you inside!