EMay in LA

EMay in LA

Hi Friends!

If you haven’t heard yet, I want to fill you in on a pseudo-secret. At this very moment, I am on the ground in Los Angeles. I am gearing up to record with grammy-award winning producer Jimmy Hoyson in Henson Studios (formally A&M records). My band includes members of the Wallflowers, Foo Fighters, The Black Crowes, and Richard Thompson’s live band. Please read that again. And then pinch me. I‘m humbled to be a part of this incredible super-group, and thrilled they’ll be performing on my songs!

I have had bites from management and labels, but I am committed to paying all the costs involved with the recordings upfront. This allows me to own the masters to this album, which is crucial to negotiate for a fair deal and remain in charge of my career. I have begun requesting donations from fans, friends and family, and today I am reaching out to you. Please consider donating and being an early patron of this album — you can use this paypal link now. (I am on venmo too, if that’s better for you!)

I crowd-funded my first recording in 2009. The success of that campaign allowed me to create 4 CD’s, and I’ve sustained myself on that momentum since. Your confidence and support gives me confidence. I have dreamed about making a high-quality, professionally-produced album, have worked hard towards this goal, and am now positioned to make it happen.

Again, please consider donating now. You can donate through venmo or paypal or snail-mail a check to : Erika May // PO Box 40 // Dryfork, WV 26263 — every single donation is so very appreciated! I will return the favor by sending you (or someone on your gift-list!) a copy of my acoustic album when I get back – have it before Christmas even though it’s not publicly released until 2017!
My heart is full of gratitude. And I’m on fire. Here we go!
Lots of love,
emaymusic at gmail dot com
PS – Over the next few months, I will keep you posted on this album project, the acoustic release on my email list and on social networks (Twitter,  Instagram  &  Facebook), where I’ll be sharing live video from the studio, photos and real-time updates. Join my email list now to stay in touch with live updates: just send me a message at emaymusic at gmail dot com to get on this list!