Let Out Your Ghosts – credits & liner notes


  1. Long Gone
  2. Better Be Enough
  3. Back To The River
  4. Don’t Lock the Door
  5. Torchlight
  6. Where Do You Go?
  7. The Same
  8. Let Me Be The One
  9. Jimmy
  10. Beautiful World (bonus track on CD & digital)

All songs written by Erika May. Produced by Jimmy Hoyson. Performed by Erika May (vocals & acoustic guitar) with Marc Ford (electric guitars), Rami Jaffee (organ & keys), Michael Jerome (percussion), Taras Prodaniuk (bass guitars)

Recorded at Henson Studios, Los Angeles CA and Dave’s World Studios, Pittsburgh PA. Engineered & Mixed by Jimmy Hoyson. Assistant Engineer was Bryan Demaio. Mastered by Gary Lurssen, Los Angeles CA

Art & Design by Jen Iskow. In-studio photography by Brooke Schooles. Personal Assistance in studio by Tracy Woods. Snake photography by Lauren Zurchin. Handling of Thor & Aedus (snakes) by Ryan Dunlap. Legal support by Jesse E. Morris, Esq.  Manufactured in the USA by Groove House Records. 

EMay plays Alex Meleshenko acoustic guitars, Shubb capos, Martin strings, is fueled by Zeke’s and relies on Tip Top’s wifi, kombucha and friendly faces.

All songs (P) (C) 2019 Erika May, Mountains Wide (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is bad karma and a violation of applicable laws.

Video, info, direct contact & more digital things can be found at these sites:

erikamay.com // emaymusic.com // healthberryfarm.com

Many thanks to these lovely humans, without whom this album may not exist: Alex Baird, Brian Aamoth, Derek Bendel, Dave Bjornson, John Bright, John Ryan Brubaker, Carl Bressler, Clark Brown, Christy & Glenn Carraher, Carla & Phil Coatsworth, Bill Danylo, Helen Davis & John Remski, Lina, Joe & Joey Dostilio, Douglas Duerring, Thor, Aedus & Ryan Dunlap, Jay & Anita Duquette, Ryan Eliason, Anne Farmer, Chad Hammitt, Tom & Grace Hufnagle, Jen Iskow, Jorma & Vanessa Kaukonen, Victoria Kerestes, Alexandra & Wytold Nassau-Lebing, Josie Martin, Seth Maynard, Cora McKean, Alex Meleshenko, Alanis Morissette, Jesse Morris, Sadie Palmer, Amy Peek, Tom Powley, Ben Shannon, Janet Taylor; David Wolff; Ian Wallace, Lauren Zurchin, Joe & Carol Zurchin.

I must also thank these entire communities: All my patrons, ArtSpring, the Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble, Esalen, Friends of Bill W, Fur Peace Ranch, HearCorp, Mountain Yoga Sangha, The Purple Fiddle, SLB Radio, the Thomas WV Art Cult, Visionary Business School & Whitegrass.

Extra special thanks to Jimmy Hoyson, Micahel Jerome, Rami Jaffee, Taras Prodainuk, Marc Ford,  Dave Granati, Bryan Demaio, Tracy Woods, and Brooke Schooles for being the production team of my dreams. Also to Benjah, for all you do for my heart, home and happiness.

I want you to know that this record showcases Jimmy’s dedication and hard work as much as mine. Michael, Rami, Taras & Marc are musical magicians who knew what the songs needed from the downbeat. Brooke, Tracy & Bryan were invaluably supportive to the creative and administrative processes in the studio, and my dearest Benjah cheered me on from WV. Because of this production team, I am definitely the luckiest girl in the world.

Additionally, these kind individuals chipped in generously to help fund the recording of this album: Mary & Bob Bibeau, Wawa Blackmore, John Bright, Jamy & Jimmy Buchanan, Michael Buric, Cory Chase, Phil & Carla Coatsworth, Ashley & Jake Collins, Andrea Commissaro, Emily Croswell, Gary Crouth, Helen Davis, Jodi & David Davis, Toni Dawn Demko, Peter Donovan, Lina & Joe Dostillio, Jay & Anita Duquette, Ryan Eliason, Chris Fry, Ryan Gaujot, Hans Gruert, John Hayes, LE & Ben Herrick, Tom Hufnagle, Sarah Johnson, Brian Junker, Kunzul Khan, Cathy Laureau, Anne McKean, Ben McKean, Alex Meleshenko, Ruthie Melnick, Deanna Moore, Greg Nesbitt, Joe Novicky, Amy Peek, Julie & John Perona, Tom Pevar, Alex Power, Tom Powley, Julie & John Connolley, Gerard Rohlf, Don Semmens, Anna Shoup & Anu Gupta, Fallyn Smith, Kate Snow, Lianne Snyder, Anne Soh, Lauren Srivastava, Josh Stevens, Mike Strasser, Janet Taylor, Addie Twigg, Bryson Vannostrand, Tor Voller, Jim Williams, Bruce & Gerri Wilson, Kristina Wiltsee & Luke Meeker, Tracy Woods & Ian Wallace

Finally, and always, to you: fans who share your stories, connection, and abundance after performances. Please know that when you buy things off my table, you give me not just the means but also the reason to keep on sharing this music. I am humbly in your service.

Sing Loud!


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